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The box contains:

1-Bag 2 OZ Organic Guatemala Huehuetenango Whole Coffee Beans , Fair Trade, Medium Roast, Single Origin, Shade Grown, Fresh Roasted, Arabica
1-Bag 2 OZ Organic Sumatra Coffee, Medium Roast Chocolate , Hand Roasted  Whole Beans,  Indonesian Coffee, Fair Trade Certified
1-Bag 2 OZ Artisan Coffee  Organic Mexico Roasted , Espresso Arabica, Whole Beans, Hand Roasted, Sustainable, Smooth, Complex
1-Bag 2 OZ Organic Timor Roasted Whole Coffee Beans, Medium Roasted Coffee, Syrupy Notes, Dark chocolate, Small Batches, Fair Trade
1-Bag 2 OZ  Organic Nona Espresso Whole Beans. Africa, Indonesia and South America best Beans. Perfectly balanced mind blowing Strawberry.
1-Bag 2 OZ Special Coffee Fall Blend notes of chocolate, cherry and cream, hand roasted - LIMITED EDITION
1-Bag 2 OZ Colombian Coffee Whole Beans Medium Roast-Premium

1 French Press Coffee Maker

☕️😍 COFFEE PASSION: A fantastic coffee, ROASTED IN USA with love, for true coffee lovers

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Split Oak Coffee Starter Kit


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